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A Suspicious Employees (2017)

A Suspicious Employees (2017)

Kualitas: Tahun: Dilihat: 103 views

A Suspicious Employees (2017) sinopsis Ianna is an early social year. I work at the café as a commemoration for the escape of minors. The owner of the cafe that Anna sought was Lee Seung Chul. This person has a voyeurism and a cafeteria employee killer. Then one day, my best friend is a famous chef friend.
I want to feed her friend’s food and I will attract Anna to her home.
The chef is Kim Dong – jin, who works with the gangster and the bad guy.
To rape Anna, Dr. Dojin is given a drink in advance to drink.
Anna wakes up without a laugh
I feel shame in my appearance, I get a big scar and quit the cafe.
Anna’s good sister, who learned the incident,
I was snooping around the boom

It started to look like a thriller.
The rookie’s specs and looks,
I’m starting to get more attracted to the white lady.


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